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Have you received a notice of foreclosure on your home? Do you suspect that you are involved in an unfair loan agreement? Are you looking for a way to save your home? Would you like to cut through all the misinformation and find out what really works? Learn options available to you that the news media isn’t telling you? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, the professional team at Mortgage Fraud Examiners can assist you with all of these things - and more. Because a meticulous examination of your mortgage transaction and appraisal may help to identify legal defects that could make your mortgage unenforceable and entitle you to compensation or free title to your property. Mortgage Fraud Examiners-a project of Lex Consulting, LLC, a litigation support services firm that has advised attorneys for more than three decades-combs through mortgages and examines them meticulously for any potential legal defects or incongruities. We are particularly adept at uncovering evidence that can be used as the conclusive evidence to your foreclosure defense case. THE EVIDENCE THAT WE UNCOVER COULD:

  • Make your mortgage agreement unenforceable
  • Entitle you to compensation, and/or free title to your property
  • Negotiate a settlement on your terms, not the banks

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A foreclosure is basically an allegation the homeowner breached the contract by failing to make timely payments. The contract is very clear, the borrower promised the lender they would make timely payments, and if they didn’t the lender could take the property. Knowledgeable attorneys that employ the services/methodologies of Mortgage Fraud Examiners will tell you the only way to overcome the fact the homeowner breached the contract is to show the lender breached first, there are errors that would void the contract, they were fraudulently induced into the contract, there is other fraudulent conduct related to the transaction, and in some cases statutory/regulatory violations. And the only way to find these transgressions is to thoroughly examine the whole mortgage transaction, to include the appraisal and any court documents filed. We get down to the bottom of why a homeowner is facing foreclosure. Countless attorneys across the nation who have used our services previously can affirm that we are the leading authority on foreclosure defense/offense. See what we can do for you and Call Mortgage Fraud Examiners to start safeguarding your home.


Lost notes, contract breaches, appraisal scams, and fraud all can cause mortgages to be legally problematic. In fact, a 2006 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation report found that of the nearly 2,000 financial institutions they assessed the previous year, 1,607 (or 83%) received citations for “significant” compliance violations. Don’t risk the likelihood that your mortgage contains an expensive error. At Mortgage Fraud Examiners, we know just how costly a missed opportunity can be. For more than 30 years, we have been consulted, retained, and referred to by attorneys, lawyers, trial practitioners, financial consultants, and consumer homeowners throughout the nation. Put another way, we are the trusted source for professional counsel regarding fraud examination and foreclosure defense.


Loan modifications should only be as a last-resort option. Before you go to a predatory lender to request a loan modification, we can conduct a thorough analysis that can help you find out if you have grounds for challenging the legal merit of your mortgage. If you modify your loan, you may waive any claims that you have to go after a lender. Doing so could potentially bar any future attempts to put a stop to your foreclosure. Our specially trained examiners can:

  • Forensically exam your appraisal and mortgage documents
  • Expose any evidence suggesting fraud or other tortuous conduct
  • Determine if there are errors, contract breaches, and/or violations of statutes/regulations
  • Provide evidence to force a predatory lender to stop the foreclosure process
  • Provide strategies for negotiation on your terms, not the banks

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The homeowners and lawyers who have used our services/methodologies have received multimillion dollar awards, free title to their properties, and every conceivable settlement over 90%* of the time. Find out what we can do for you today by requesting a consultation to begin the forensic document analysis process. We can conduct a thorough analysis of your mortgage transaction that leaves no stone unturned when looking for inconsistencies and errors. Avoid foreclosure with our help!

One of our testimonials:

Forever Grateful for Finding the Fraud

May 30, 2014 | I am a grateful homeowner, I wish I had known Storm Bradford and Mortgage Fraud Examiners 5 years ago my life would have been very different. In my very first conversation with Storm in Nov. 2013 I was finally given the expertise of a man who explained, only a thorough examination of the mortgage transaction, to include the appraisal for fraud, breaches, errors and set offs is the only road to victory. You see in my 5 year battle I had it backwards, and not even so much by my own doing. I had them all, loan modification experts, forensic & securitization auditors all under the umbrella of a mortgage defense attorney. Not one, let me repeat that, NOT ONE got to the fraud perpetuated by my bank until I had Mortgage Fraud Examiners give my loan documents a full examination. I will say MFE had the very same documents that everyone else had, but MFE is the only one who found it. If ANYONE is going to find the evidence, to turn the tables and bring the fraudulent banks to their knees it is Mortgage Fraud Examiners. MFE’s examination is worth every penny and then some. My bank terrorized me by saying that I had breached my loan contract so I deserved to lose my home, they were right; but thanks to MFE and the evidence of fraud, errors and contract breaches they identified, they proved the bank violated first!!! This has given me my power back and I am now in settlement negotiations with the bank, and will not lose my home after all. I am forever grateful to Storm and MFE.
Louree JordanHomeowner