About Us

Litigation Support Service

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a litigation support service of Law Partner On Call. We provide litigation support to attorneys, helping them break into new areas of practice, or providing specialized advice for complex cases requiring novel approaches to the law. Due to the recent housing crisis, Mortgage Fraud Examiners was created to provide the legal community with comprehensive assistance to help homeowners keep their homes.

Part of the litigation support services we specialize in is post-conviction relief; that is, analyzing convictions forensically for ways to overturn them. We’ve been doing forensic review of documents for almost 40 years, we’re not some “Johnny come lately,” that popped up last year.

The mortgage industry’s predatory nature has been evident for years. While the economy seems to be on the mend, instabilities caused by mortgage lenders’ unscrupulous tactics have still impacted many Americans where it hurts the most: their pocketbooks.

A Complete Analysis of the Mortgage Transaction

At Mortgage Fraud Examiners, we offer homeowners and their attorneys a complete analysis of the mortgage transaction, not some worthless forensic/securitization audit. We analyze documents for any inconsistencies that could invalidate your mortgage and give you and your attorney the upper hand when negotiating with the entity that holds your mortgage. With more than three decades of experience performing forensic document reviews, you can trust that we know how to uncover favorable evidence that can be used to keep you in your home.

The foreclosure defense industry is rife with fraud, and these firms that provide “forensic & securitization audits” are selling nothing but false hope. These so-called “mortgage audits” are conducted and sold mainly by persons without legal training who simply input data into a software program that acts as checklist against federal regulations, or are providing information that is freely available just for the asking. We strongly believe, as do most courts, that these “audits” are primarily useless.

Proven Strategies For Success

Unlike most of these questionable forensic & securitization firms, our mortgage transaction examinations are exclusively performed for and on behalf of legal professionals. This means our qualified services can withstand the scrutiny and demands of the trained legal eye. If you are involved in a complex foreclosure defense matter, you know that your client will be relying on you to obtain the evidence that is needed to counter any accusations and help your client keep their home. You will need the help of a professional who has been trained industry-specifically. At Mortgage Fraud Examiners, we do not get our knowledge from a software program or booklet.

As legal professionals, and having worked with lawyers for decades, we possess the perfect combination of legal knowledge and investigative forensics to conduct any type forensic examination of a mortgage transaction.

Simply stated, a 10-minute software audit is no substitute for our expert analysis. We are confident that we possess the range of skill, tenacity, and resourcefulness that is needed to supplement your foreclosure defense case.

Forensic or Securitization Audits and other scams

Selling yourself short by utilizing forensic or securitization audits or other scams could only bring about more legal liabilities and ultimately, more headaches. With our professional document examination team working at your side, you can rest assured that you will receive nothing less than the best possible support services every step of the way.

An analysis such as the one Mortgage Fraud Examiners offers is a much more detailed examination of your mortgage. We have been providing expert services for attorneys across the nation for years. Lawyers consult us regarding foreclosure defense, because we know how to attack and analyze mortgage transactions.

We get down to the bottom of why a homeowner is facing foreclosure. Countless attorneys across the nation who have used our services previously can affirm that we are the leading authority on foreclosure defense/offense.

See what we can do for you and Call Mortgage Fraud Examiners to start safeguarding your home.