FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does My Attorney Use The Analysis?

Your attorney will read the report completely, then summarize the causes of action in a letter to the servicer and whoever injured you, demand correction of the errors, and demand settlement. In the event your attorney cannot obtain an acceptable settlement, he can contact the state and federal agencies supplied with the analysis and ask them to help.

Some people do not have the funds to pay an attorney. In that case, we also provide a section on self-help, i.e. legal-aid etc..

Mortgage Fraud Examiners prepares the comprehensive examination report as “Attorney Work Product.” Competent attorneys will understand it, know what to do with it, and know how to use it.

What Does The Mortgage Transaction Analysis Cost?

The examination typically takes 40 to 50 hours to complete, and you can imagine what an attorney, typically not qualified to do the examination, would charge at $200-$400+ per hour. That and the usefulness of the examination report make our prices profoundly reasonable.

We suggest you see the cost somewhat like you would see a bet to remain in a high stakes poker game when the odds favor you. You must be prepared to invest to save your home. It’s that simple. When you see the cost in that light, the cost becomes irrelevant. In any case, you can obtain a custom quote for your mortgage examination by contacting Mortgage Fraud Examiners by phone or email.

What Makes MFE’s Analysis The Best?

Our mortgage transaction analysis takes much more labor and analytic skill, and it contains information derived from a more exhaustive study of the documents and circumstances surrounding the loan transaction. Furthermore, analysis reveals actual, viable causes of action that allows the homeowner’s attorney negotiate settlement, or to sue the parties who injured the homeowner.

Securitization audits provide NO information that can defeat foreclosure permanently, and NO information that can justify suing the lender or agents for damages. They provide no value to homeowners seeking to save their home.

Loan Audits typically only review TILA and RESPA violations on which the statute of limitations has generally expired, and in actual practice typically provide no value.

Will MFE Be An Expert Witness For Me?

No. We have no need to because you don’t need one to prove that the lender or agents injured you. The mortgage examination uncovers those injures and the report shows them in the documents we examined. Any trier-of-fact can see them as well if your attorney shows them. Judges or juries don’t need expert witnesses for things they can clearly understand.

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