We set the standard for excellence and world-class analysis

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Mortgage Fraud Examiners is the only company of its kind. We set the standard for excellence and world-class analysis, making our consistent results a proven demonstration of our industry recognition, reliability, professionalism, and experience.

The mortgage transaction analysis we provide is the same analysis we provide to credit unions, hedge funds, private investors, pension funds. etc. These note buyers have the same concerns as homeowners, are the transactions legally deficient. So rest assured our knowledgeable, helpful team can perform an in-depth examination of your mortgage transaction to reveal any significant errors that could allow your attorney to challenge predatory lenders and their aggressive tactics. We specifically assist in the development of a formidable foreclosure defense that your attorney can use to save your home. No matter what your financial situation looks like currently, we possess the adequate skills and knowledge that are needed to protect your interests at this time.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners has helped countless homeowner’s counsel achieve settlements on their terms, and:

  • Devotes effort and time into performing a thorough analysis of the mortgage transaction
  • Offers forensic appraisal, in addition to document analysis services
  • Provides forensic analysis of an entire mortgage process
  • Guarantees the lowest possible price for some of the highest quality services

Complete Transaction Analysis by our Experts

If you have a loan, no service can benefit you like a complete transaction analysis by our experts. Mortgage Fraud Examiners will deploy our team to examine your transaction and deliver a detailed report to your attorney within 7-10 business days.

Attorneys, do your clients need evidence to end their foreclosure and make the bank negotiate on your terms?

If so, then you will need the assistance of a professional team like ours at Mortgage Fraud Examiners! We review the mortgage transaction for any possible discrepancies that could raise questions about the legal standing of the mortgage.

We Analyze Every Page

We analyze every page of every document, including the appraisal, and analyze your mortgage transaction and case history to understand fully what went wrong. It should not surprise you to know that we find discrepancies in over 90%* of mortgages that we examine. With our decades of mortgage lending, litigation support, and appraisal experience, this allows us to find and outline the paper trail supporting your attorney’s claims, and finding new ones, such as fraud, lies, deception, racial or sex discrimination, and unfair lending.

Only this thorough assessment of your mortgage transaction can expose serious errors, fraud, breaches and other schemes of dishonesty.

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