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For many families facing foreclosure in the United States, predatory lending is all too real of a threat. Predatory lending and other unscrupulous tactics has been a primary foe in the world of foreclosure defense. In fact, in the year of 2006 alone, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reported that nearly 85% of all investigated financial institutions received citations for compliance violations.

With predatory lending running rampant in today’s economic marketplace, how are lawyers and other professionals to accurately locate unfair practices or behaviors? At Mortgage Fraud Examiners, we provide keen insight into this very specific area of the law. We are proud to be among the very few industry professionals to stand between the nation’s consumers and some of the country’s worst, most despicable predatory lending companies and agencies.

If you want to join the growing band of attorneys who are devoted to saving families and American consumers from foreclosure, then contact Mortgage Fraud Examiners today.

Our Background

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a creation of Lex Consulting, a litigation support company: For more than 30 years, we have been exclusively involved in the area of litigation support and document analysis. Not only do we train attorneys on how to win various types of consumer-related cases, but we also train attorneys on how to seek the most reward on behalf of their clients.

We can assist with:

  • Pleadings
  • Briefs
  • Motions
  • Affidavits
  • Discoveries
  • Jury instructions
  • Drafting, review, and assessment of other legal documents

In the criminal defense field alone, the attorneys that we have trained have remarkable success rates. When a predatory lender has jeopardized your client’s domestic tranquility, you can be sure that you will receive the proper attention, skills, and training that you need to successfully protect your clients’ homes, finances and futures.

Referral Services And Other Relevant Experience

Attorneys who have used our forensic mortgage examination services can proclaim that we are the leading authority on mortgage, document analysis, foreclosure, and foreclosure defense. We know what works and what does not because we have experienced and seen it first- hand.

If Mortgage Fraud Examiners has already performed a forensic appraisal and forensic document analysis for your client and found legal violations in your client’s mortgage, our report can provide you with the necessary information to immediately strengthen, support, and solidify your client’s case. You already possess the hard-hitting litigation skills – now we have given you the indisputable evidence that you need to bring the run home.

Avoid Malpractice!

Courts have ruled that attorneys who only provide a loan modification or make “stall” arguments like “produce the note,” “MERS,” “securitization,” “chain of tile,” etc., thus failing to examine the mortgage transaction (contract) are committing malpractice. Mortgage Fraud Examiners can help you develop every option possible to put your clients in the best possible position for success. Attorneys and homeowners who have retained our services have earned multi-million-dollar awards and we know how to protect your reputation – and by extension, your clients’ best interests.

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