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Everyone knows that Mortgage Fraud Examiners exposes scams harmful to homeowners. Unfortunately, this causes scammers to fabricate complaints, in an attempt to attack our credibility. Business owners know that scammers and/or competitors can go to such websites, and without identifying themselves, lie about legitimate companies or individuals with impunity. Well this has happened to MFE and its founder Storm Bradford. So be aware, if you read anything derogatory about MFE or its founder, it is made up and a lie, and we can prove it.

THANK YOU to Mortgage Fraud Examiners! After spending 9 years fighting in foreclosure court and nearly losing my home, MFE was the best discovery I made! I fell for and tried all the nonsense arguments regarding securitization audits and the like as a defense. I paid $1500 and couldn't use any of it. These arguments didn't work for me or any of my friends who were using them too...like rescission, robo-signing, MERS, forensic audits, chain of title audits, bifurcation, securitization...none of it!
Then, in the 11th hour, I found MFE. I got an analysis done wherein numerous breaches of contract were discovered! After notifying the banks to what I found, they settled with me and I saved my home. It's the ONLY thing that worked!

– Lori Frary, Homeowner – Florida

MAKING YOUR CASE MUCH EASIER TO WIN If you want real defenses and real legal claims that have teeth and can result in a tangible remedy, use MFE. They approach civil matters with the fine-tooth comb of a criminal forensics investigator and fish out problems that have been recognized and known to the courts for centuries, making your case much easier to win.

– Gregory Bryl, Esq, Attorney, BrylLaw, Miami Beach

A Thorough Analysis In my opinion a thorough analysis of the whole mortgage transaction, to include an examination of the appraisal, is needed in order to defeat the banks; and this is what Mortgage Fraud Examiners provides.

– Thomas Carrero, Esq.Attorney, Carrero Law Group, Punta Gorda, FL

Knows more than anyone else! Mortgage Fraud Examiners knows more about saving homes, than anyone else in the country–period!

– Donald Loeb, Esq.Attorney

Will Open Your Eyes Mortgage Fraud Examiners will open your eyes to what you are not aware of, and will wake you up to what the law really makes available.

– Richard Young, Esq.AttorneyThe Law Offices of Richard S. Young, Arlington, VA

My law firm retained Mortgage Fraud Examiners to perform a complete analysis of the loan application of a very important client. In fact they are parents of a local county judge and expected a professional analysis. Storm Bradford and his staff performed an excellent and professional analysis of the complete refinance of their property valued at $1.4 million. The analysis revealed numerous violations, breaches of federal mortgage regulations, and serious appraisal fraud leading to potential lawsuits in excess of $2 million. Not only did Storm Bradford give us an excellent and detailed mortgage loan analysis, but he remained involved and followed the progression of the legal process with additional help and detailed information.

– Bob Phillips, Esq. Attorney Phillips Law Firm, Georgia

Different but Successful Methodologies Mortgage Fraud Examiners has developed methodologies for borrowers and their attorneys that are different from those currently in use, but highlly successful in helping homeowners overcome foreclosure.

– Karen M. Kennedy, Attorney, Managing Partner, Karen M. Kennedy & Associates, PLC, Warrenton, VA

Valuable Legal Resources Having [Storm Bradford, Law Partner On Call is like having the resources of a large firm ready and waiting for you when you need it without having to deal with the politics and costs inherently associated with those firms. The breadth and depth of knowledge allows me to look to them whenever I need something as in-depth as complex constitutional research or as simple as a second set of eyes. [Storm Bradford, Law Partner On Call] truly provides services far beyond the mundane, whether it’s forming a trial strategy, preparing for complex jury trials, or simply providing a fresh perspective on cases that have controlled your practice, [Storm Bradford, Law Partner On Call]’s services are invaluable.

– Jason Collins, Esquire Attorney, Partner, Frias Daisy Collins Attorneys at Law, Dulles, VA

MFE’s about helping the client. I am a consumer credit consultant and many of the phone calls I receive in that capacity involve clients who have had problems with their mortgages, so I needed to find a solution to assist them. I found that solution with the services provided by Storm Bradford, the Founder of Mortgage Fraud Examiners. What is especially impressive about Storm is that he understands foreclosures with an offensive action manner, and does not think like a “stall tactic” attorney, but as a sincere human being that wants to educate his clients with a process where they have a legitimate 90% chance of a positive outcome. I’ve known Storm for years, I’m impressed with the fact that he’s not about the money, he’s about helping the client get a ‘win.’ I highly recommend Storm Bradford and Mortgage Fraud Examiners.

– Laurie Zoock CEO, Credit Education Consultants, Tampa, FL

Cleared Out All Liens, Mortgages, As Though Never There Hi Storm, Coming at you from sunny skies of Florida. All became well in my case. The thieves cleared out all liens, mortgs, as though never there. Storm your company sure got it rocking. Go Mortgage Fraud [Examiners]! Txs,

– Fofi, Homeowner – Florida

Forever Grateful for Finding the Fraud. I am a grateful homeowner, I wish I had known Storm Bradford and Mortgage Fraud Examiners 5 years ago my life would have been very different. In my very first conversation with Storm in Nov. 2013 I was finally given the expertise of a man who explained, only a thorough examination of the mortgage transaction, to include the appraisal for fraud, breaches, errors and set offs is the only road to victory. You see in my 5 year battle I had it backwards, and not even so much by my own doing. I had them all, loan modification experts, forensic & securitization auditors all under the umbrella of a mortgage defense attorney. Not one, let me repeat that, NOT ONE got to the fraud perpetuated by my bank until I had Mortgage Fraud Examiners give my loan documents a full examination. I will say MFE had the very same documents that everyone else had, but MFE is the only one who found it. If ANYONE is going to find the evidence, to turn the tables and bring the fraudulent banks to their knees it is Mortgage Fraud Examiners. MFE’s examination is worth every penny and then some. My bank terrorized me by saying that I had breached my loan contract so I deserved to lose my home, they were right; but thanks to MFE and the evidence of fraud, errors and contract breaches they identified, they proved the bank violated first!!! This has given me my power back and I am now in settlement negotiations with the bank, and will not lose my home after all. I am forever grateful to Storm and MFE.

– Louree Jordan, Homeowner

YOU’RE THE BEST!!! Thanks again for everything Storm…and as you know, YOU’RE THE BEST!!! My referrals to you shall come-in numbers!! Ronnie M.

– Ronny M., Homeowner USA

6 Feet Under till MFE Gave Us a Shovel. We had applied for, and were denied a Loan Modification multiple times over the course of a couple years. After our home was scheduled for a trustee sale, we did some research and found MFE. We spoke to Storm Bradford, and although he made it very clear that there was no guarantee of finding anything, we decided to have him and his team research our mortgage transaction. About a week later, Storm sent us a very detailed analysis of the errors and misconduct they’d discovered. Their analysis came with instructions on how to move forward including contact information for multiple resources. We followed the instructions, wrote a grievance, and sent a copy of it to all the government agencies and suggested resources listed in the analysis, as well as to the CEO of the bank. We received a call THE VERY NEXT DAY from the executive office willing to negotiate, which we just recently finalized with a signature! Throughout the whole ordeal, we felt stuck in a coffin 6 feet under, until MFE gave us a shovel! THANKS COACH! Vincent

– Vincent, Homeowner USA


Worth Every Single Cent I give this company and its work product a 5-star (Excellent) rating. I have studied several mortgage examination reports prepared by Mortgage Fraud Examiners (MFE). I consider them highly useful for proving injuries, for the reports document causes of action so that attorneys can get the court to admit related evidence in a tort, contract breach, or legal error complaint, affirmative defense, or counter/cross-claim against the lender or others involved in the lending process. Most of the reports show evidence of appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, or both. This means borrowers can save money by using the information in the reports successfully to negotiate a favorable settlement or win a damages award or loan balance set-off. I don’t know of any firm with the technical competence and skill of Mortgage Fraud Examiners in examining mortgages. If causes of action exist, MFE will find them. Because of this, the mortgage examination report is worth every single cent the firm charges for the examination. In addition, MFE educates attorneys and assists them in understanding how to use the examination reports in a legal strategy to best advantage in settlement negotiations and litigation.

– Bob Hurt, Independent Publisher and Ombudsman, Mortgage Attack, Clearwater, FL